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Co-Vid Future Design

covid VR office design nyc

Visualizing a New Office Environment in a Post-COVID world.

By Co-Vid Future Design, Food for thought

What design initiatives are critical for a safer work environment? How do we implement these while still benefiting from high-quality design? Currently, our present offices are not prepared for social distancing.

Most people desire to return to work and for life to feel ‘normal’. For many people, their social and emotional well being is enhanced by working among their colleagues. However we also still want our employees to feel safe and stay healthy. Many architects and interior designers have begun the discussion of new design solutions. However, these new ideas can be challenging to conceptualize.

How will we be able to visualize this new world? What will this new experience look like? How can you present socially distant designs to your client that are clear and compelling? How do you maintain high-quality design and continue to excite your clients with new work environments? 

We designed spaces and created high quality photorealistic renderings to examine real solutions to plan for an uncertain future. They brought design theories into testable realities that suit current needs.